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Our Programs are specifically designed to train professionals ready to work in studio and specialized in the fields of 2D/3D animation and video games.
Train all the skills you need to start an exciting career in these dynamic and growing industries.

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Based on the pedagogical tradition of Valenciennes, RUBIKA Montreal has chosen to give a lot of importance to the number of hours of courses delivered (2.045h vs. 700 to 1.800h for a traditional AEC).
The small classes (20 to 25 students) are focused on personalized, friendly and dynamic relationships that promote student development.

At the end of your training, you will obtain a double degree :
• Quebec (3 years AEC)
• European (bachelor level and 180 Europpean Credits, Level 6 EQF)

2D/3D Animation and VFX

The Rubika Animation Programm is designed for students desiring to enter the 3D Animation, 2D Animation or the Visual Effect fields.3 years (2D/3D) or 5 years (3D/VFX specialization) training.
cinéma d’Animation 3D, de l’Animation 2D ou des Effets Visuels.

Training 3 years (2D/3D) or 5 years (3D/VFX specialization)

01 ………. Fundamentals
End of year project: Creation of a comic book

02 ………. Focus 2D
End of year project: Creation of a short film in 2D animation

03 ………. Focus 3D
End of the year project: Making a short film in 3D animation
04 ………. Specialization 3D/VFX
Pre-production of a 3D animated short film

05 ………. Expertise
Short film production in 3D animation
Training details

Video Games Tech-Art

The Tech-Art formation trains students to become technical artists and versatile specialists. It has both and artistic eye and a mastery of modeling technics, texturing and 3D softwares.

Specialized training over 3 years

01 ………. Fundamentals
End of the year project : Realization of a real time 3D diorama in Unity

02 ………. End of the year project : Creation of an interactive game zone in Unity

03 ………. Mastery
End of the year project: Creation of a demo featuring advanced Tech-Art technics in Unreal Engine 5
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Prep (Game/Animation)

PA 7 month program that allows you to discover the world of 2D/3D animation and video games. This intensive training will make you discorver the possible careers in Animation and Video Games field, and will make you acquire traditional and technical artistic skills to consolidate your portfolio.

7 months training

Session 1 ………. Introduction to character design

Session 2………. Discovery of digital art tools (Unity, Programming, Adobe)

Session 3………. Analytical drawing & sculpture

Session 4 ………. Introduction to 2D Animation and 3D Modeling

Session 5 ………. Set design, staging and lighting

Session 6 ………. General artistic culture, film and video games

Session 7 ………. Graphic design & Art direction

Projects: Boardgame in team and portfolio creation
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Our students are talented

Tous Animation Animation Y4 Prépa Techart


Film 3D, année 3

J’ai mangé mes monstres

Film 2D, année 2


Film 3D, année 3

Le Goût du Spectacle

Film 2D, année 2

Fish and Run

Film 3D, année 3


Projet Boardgame Prépa

Space Special Food

Map environnement, année 1


Map environnement, année 1

My friend Alim

Création d’une extension de jeu

Boo les humains

Projet Boardgame Prépa

Les Mystères de Stonebridge

Projet Boardgame Prépa

Your futur teachers

Our teachers are working professionals who will teach you technics from their areas of expertise. Because the technology used in the animation and gaming industries is evolving so quickly, you need to learn from experts who understand those issues.

Tous Animation Animation Y4 Prépa Techart

Juan Felipe Restrepo Ortiz

Coordonnateur Anim Y4

Sophie Tholozan

Coordonnatrice Prépa

Patrick Larochelle

Coordonnateur Anim Y3

Mathieu Lampron

Coordonnateur Anim Y2

Saymone Phanekham

Coordonnateur Anim Y1

Eoghann Mérouze

Professeur de modélisation 3D et création d’environnement 3D

Thomas André

Professeur d’animation 3D

Laurence Dea Dionne

Professeur d’histoire de l’art

Jean-Marc Limoges

Professeur de sémiologie et de l’histoire de l’art

Rui Ting Ji

Professeur d’animation 2D

Geneviève De Villemure

Professeur de gestion de production

Brenda Lopez Zepeda

Professeur d’animation 2D

Jeremy Fassio

Professeur de typographie

Nicolas Demers

Professeur de perspective et décor / concept art

Pierre Delage

Coordonnateur Tech-Art Y2 et Y3

Gianni Giuliano

Professeur de modèle vivant

Josselin Viricel

Professeur d’introduction sound design

Marie-Annebelle Hébert

Professeur de sculpture

Thomas De Rego

Professeur de prototypage

Vincent Thavenet

Professeur de couleur

Florian Saugues

Professeur d’Histoire des jeux vidéo

Kendall Defoe

Professeur d’anglais

Isabelle Chamois

Professeur de création d’environnement 3D

Vincent Philippon

Professeur de création d’environnement 3D

Najim Filali Saksak

Professeur de modélisation d’objet 3D – shaders

Marion Guignolle

Professeur de gestion de projet

Dan Ravouna

Professeur de modélisation de personnage 3D

Mattis Faucheux

Professeur de programmation

Josue Vilela

Professeur de modélisation de personnage 3D

Liam O’Hagan

Professeur de modélisation d’objet 3D

Mathilde Beaudet

Professeur de programmation

Charly Yan Miller

Professeur de communication et d’anglais – Tech-Art Y2

William Delisle

Professeur de communication et d’anglais – Tech-Art Y3

Maxime Derhore

Professeur de UI/UX

Mathieu Gasse Forget

Professeur de conception de portfolio

En savoir plus

Anthony Demeter

Coordonnateur Tech-Art Y1

Mathilde Chamussy

Professeur d’Introduction Animation 2D

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