1 2D/3D Animation Entrance Exam


Join the school of digital creation talents as soon as the school year starts (September 2023)!

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To join RUBIKA Montreal, you will have to pass an entrance exam. You will have the possibility to take it remotely by videoconference. This exam was designed to get to know your profile and evaluate your creative potential. It takes place over one day and consists of a general and specialized culture test, three creativity tests and an oral interview with portfolio. This pre-selection allows us to detect the creative talent that you are!

Once you have registered, you will receive an invitation by email a few days before the date of your tests. You will also be asked to send us your portfolio in advance so that the jury can analyze it beforehand.

The results of the competition will then be communicated to you by email within 2 weeks following the date of the competition.


To Know


Location: Online

Registration: Open

Entrance exam date: Next session April 27

Registration deadline: Please contact us to register for the contest.


Access conditions


  • Possess a high school diploma and 1 year (Province of Quebec).
  • Other countries: You must have a high school equivalency diploma (e.g. Baccalauréat toutes séries for French applicants, on the date of entry or grade 12 for Ontario applicants).
  • No age limit.
  • Admission by entrance exam.


The exam

MCQ of general and specialized knowledge

30 minutes – coefficient 9%

The general culture MCQ will allow you to measure your knowledge on different themes such as current events, politics, geography, history, art, sports, etc…

The specialized culture MCQ will focus on the field of video games in general. You will have to understand the industry in its entirety: history, profession, names of studios, important events, production techniques, etc…


Creativity Test 1: Observation Drawing

1 hour – coefficient 17%

This test evaluates your ability to faithfully reproduce a still life. We recommend that you practice observation drawing regularly by reproducing everyday objects. With practice, your line and technique will improve and you will be able to accurately represent the proportions and perspectives of objects.


Creativity test 2: Narrative through images

2 hours – coefficient 17%

This test will evaluate your ability to use the storyboard technique. Based on a brief, you will propose a graphic adaptation of a character, a universe and settings. In order to understand this test, we advise you to see or review the techniques of narration and storyboarding.


Creativity Test 3: Creative Drawing

1 hour – coefficient 17%

This test aims to evaluate your ability to transcribe an emotion, an idea, a concept in a drawing thanks to your imagination. Practice illustrating emotions and ideas to develop your creativity.


Oral interview with portfolio

20 minutes – coefficient 40%

Here we will try to discover you. We advise you to prepare a “portfolio” (or “book”) presenting your most relevant personal work, which can be very diverse: drawings, sketchs, 3D modeling, videos, photos, moodboards, scenario, storyboards, sculpture, etc. Do not hesitate to surprise us! The oral exam will allow you to convince the jury that you are the ideal candidate to join the animation program.

Objective: identify your passions and demonstrate your motivation to enter the school.


This registration fee is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Please note that there will be no additional fees beyond the annual tuition fee ($14,050 CDN)